SHIZUKA — Universe, Vision, Future…

Shizuka is an art and community-driven project. Shizuka’s art seeks to inspire the community through creativity and self-expression. It seeks to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, advancing and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the NFT space.


Creating an immersive universe through visual worldbuilding and storytelling, with each NFT representing a character as part of the meta. The Universe of Shizuka will expand into the physical realm. The lore is long-sighted and captivating, with the artistic vision spanning multiple factions, from vessels to optimized assassins, from glitches to corruptions.

From the Artist, Innkbean:
As the line between our world and the digital world blurs with the metaverse, the futuristic visions of a sci-fi world are becoming a reality.

“The future is here…looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become.”

— William Gibson, ‘Pattern Recognition, 2003’

I was always enamored by the universes depicted by 90's anime/manga. Media like Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Akira, and Gantz creates distinctive visual imagery of the dystopian urban jungle, overwhelming clusters of neon, dark alleys with muddy streets reflecting the lights from above. Shizuka is a contemporary interpretation of this sci-fi aesthetic that expresses the use of digital techniques and my individual artistic style. It includes more dynamic line weights, cell shading, and comparatively more accurate-to-life anatomic proportion. Traits range from everday-esque to a cyberpunk aesthetic, and the layers and colors are carefully crafted to create coherence between traits, for each NFT character, and for the entire collection.


We intend to create a project that is built for the community, by the community. The idea is to create value by giving the holders what they want. We will facilitate a stage for holders to determine how community funds should be spent, with as little intervention from the team as possible.


Unknown entities of corruption fester in the thresholds of the metaverse. Their existence threatens the digital fabric, leading to catastrophic disabling of computational nodes, networks, and digital infrastructure. Shizuka is an initiative to generate AI assassins using experimental combat features lead by the research group — ENTER SHIZUKA. Each AI has been optimized to target corruption. They inhabit and traverse glitches, otherwise inaccessible, to maintain order and stability. ENTER SHIZUKA has provided the Shizuka AI assassins access to the highest performance experimental assets. They act as the ultimate beta testing vessel for the equipment. O̸̒̀b̷́̔ë̶́̏y̶̰̾ ̵̙́&̴͋̈ ̴̑͑E̸̯͌l̶̥̍i̵͓̍ḿ̷̑i̷͈̓n̴̈́a̶̡͆t̶͙̚ē̴͛.

InnkbeanArtist and Concept Designer

Kaiyu Liu
Masters of Architecture, Anime merch designer, Industrial designer
Twitter —
Instagram —

Badmon — Project Coordinator

Mike Tabler
Ex-IRL Entrepreneur, NFT degen & enthusiast, Professional collector
Twitter —
Instagram — — Lead Developer

Nick Tabler
Software engineer, Big-data engineer, Web3 developer
Twitter —
Linkedin —

Mint Details

Mint Date: February 28, 2022
Total supply: 8888
Presale Price: 0.12e
Public Price: 0.12e
Reveal: 72 hours after sell out
Creator Royalties: 7.5% (Includes 2.5% for community wallet)
Contract: ERC721A
8 x animated 1/1’s included in mint

~80 NFTs will be minted as community giveaways
~20 NFTs will be minted to a community wallet for team members


Generation 1 will be majority whitelist with a small public sale. Approximately 20% of WL spots are allocated for marketing purposes; this includes influencer and project collaborations. The remaining spots are allocated to the community via engagement, games, contests, and Twitter giveaways. The Optimized role will be able to mint 1 NFT during presale and First Optimized will be able to mint 2.


Whitelist spots that are not allocated by mint day, or left unminted, will be made available to the public 24 HOURS after presale mint begins. Public sale price is the same as presale, at 0.12 eth.


$50,000 will be donated to charity upon mint-out. $10,000 will be allocated for Carbon Offset. The remaining $40,000 will be open to a community vote, with funds allocated to the top 3 charities of the community’s choice.

Community Wallet

2.5% of royalties will be added to a community wallet, the funds will be spent based on community input. This can include, but isn’t limited to, IRL community events, NFT raffles, metaverse land, and IRL utility.

Project Collaborations

We will continue to network with other projects throughout the space and will use our influence to gain value for our holders via whitelist allocations.

1/1 Merchandise

A limited run of enamel pins that showcase each 1/1 artwork, the exact number of each is TBD. Owners of 1/1 artwork will receive a pin that matches their piece free of charge. These pins will be signed by Innkbean, as well as have the owner's Discord or Twitter handle engraved on the back. A snapshot will be taken two weeks after minting out, and holders will be contacted. The remaining pins will be raffled to holders, they will also be free of charge; these pins will not be engraved or signed.

Generation 2 Mint

Work on Generation 2 art will be started as soon as generation 1 is sold out. Gen 1 holders will be guaranteed a WL mint for the second iteration of NFTS. Gen 2 concepts and, possibly, a sneak peek will be announced before our initial sale. Gen 2 mint is expected to take place during Summer 2022.


An airdrop is planned for early fall 2022. This will be an airdrop of some complexity; it will be dependent on holding previous NFTS. More details will be released closer to Gen 2 mint. This airdrop will be 100% free of charge and will be “dropped” to your wallet, with no gas fees.

Future plans

As mentioned previously, we are a community-focused project and intend to involve the community in ways to move forward. The future of Shizuka is in the hands of the holders. Some realistic long-term goals include a holder-only merchandise line & a holder-exclusive short manga. We are also optimistic about the opportunity of growing our brand at Anime and NFT conventions.

We are beyond excited for the future of this project, and we could not have achieved any of it without you. So here is to you, with our sincerest gratitude.

Enter Shizuka Team



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